About Bulu Abu

Hi there!
We are brothers, Tiwi and Febby Indt. Blogging for us is just for fun. So…let’s have fun with our blog ^^

Curious what’s Bulu Abu?

Well, Bulu Abu is one of our cats. She has grey fur and in Indonesian, grey fur means bulu abu-abu. Here she is.

We are very eager to gather the knowledge and then share it with others. We love animals, especially cats, eventhough they are very lazy and annoying. We like photography, but we don’t have a special camera, just our father’s cell phone camera. That’s why we tag every photo with ‘Photograph’ because we think that’s not a kind of photography. πŸ˜€

So, just enjoy this blog.


Tiwie & Febby Indt

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One thought on “About Bulu Abu

  1. kucingnya imut bangett πŸ˜€ Meoww meoww

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