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Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

Me : Ojan, are you hungry?

Taken by Febby Indt

Ojan : Hmp…

Me : You should wait for a punch, is it right?

Taken by Febby Indt


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

INSIDE. There’s only one thing came up on my mind: Mirror.

Mirror is a mysterious object for me. But I failed to get a full-imagination picture to describes “Inside The Mirror” in my mind.

Inside The Little Mirror

Happy fasting for all Muslims in the world ^_^

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

Oh, that cat…he stands so close to the window hoping that it will open for him πŸ˜₯

I think “close” is a difficult theme for me,but I try to do something with my phone camera. This Saturday morning I joined my mother to the green grocery, but actually not so ‘green’ because they sell fish and shrimp too.

When we arrive at home, my aunt’s cats ‘attack’ us because they smell ‘something good to eat’. Yeah, they want fish and shrimp, but those are not theirs. So I get them out of my house and I close doors and windows. Nah, there’s a word of close, isn’t it? πŸ˜‰

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship


Cat is another family member at our house. And we always share everything together. This picture was taken a day before new challenge from Daily Post arrived in my inbox.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

I’m so in hurry when I was just checking my e-mail. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, now is ‘too night’ to get out of my room so I’m just to press Ctrl+ PrtSc buttons. Is it a kind of cheat? Well, it’s not a national examination, right? πŸ˜€

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